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Have you ever had a service tech come out only to find  that your BREAKER was tripped; or that your FILTERS were dirty?   

 HVAC Tips


Things You Can Do Before Calling For Service:


  • Check and reset all electrical breakers in the main panel box and at the outside units.

  • Make sure the air return filters are clean.

  • Check that the thermostat is set on heat or cool.

  • If you see ice forming on any part of the system during the winter months, turn it off and call for service.



Other Maintenance Tips:


  • Twice per year as the seasons change, we recommend that a central heating and cooling system get a professional tune-up. This is the most important step to prevent major malfunctions of the equipment.

  • Keep shrubery or tall grass  at lease 2 ft. away from  outside equipment on all sides.  Aim grass clippings away from unit when cutting grass.

  • If possible, provide shade for the air conditioning system for more efficiency.

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